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The Hallowig Knit-Along started on September 18th 2004

We had 127 people who joined in!  We have put together these pages of all the finished wigs as of October 31st.

Thanks to everyone who joined, we had fun and hope you did too!


knit your own:
Here is the pattern, found in the Fall 2004 edition of Knitty
 click here



Welcome to the Hallowig Knit-Along


January 16, 2005 - Update!

We've merged all the finished Hallowig photos
and users to create an archive of
this knit-along.  Enjoy!

If you joined this knit-along and want to have your original photos,
email me and i'll send them to you!


November 8 - Update!

Winner of the "favorite Hallowig"
contest is announced!
click here to see who won

Thanks to all who took the time to vote!

Here is the pattern, found in the Fall 2004 edition of Knitty -----> click here

By now everyone has been to see the new Knitty, isn't it fabulous!?! I know you all secretly want to knit that certain fun, over the top project... you were intrigued by the hot pink acrylic yarn, admit it! But you are a confessed yarn snob (according to question #1 on the Secret Pal questionaire) what will people think?!

Put down that fancy fair isle, set aside that felted bag, grab that skein of hunting orange that your grandma gave you years ago and knit a wig!! Whoo hoo!! ---Stacey @ sheep in the city

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Hallowig are property of knitty AND Pattern & images 2004 Megan Reardon
More information can be found by clicking the pattern link above.







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